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Vreni Frost

Vreni is an creative author, speaker and presenter based in Berlin

What does community mean to you?

Community to me means a network of people with different skills, who show me new perspectives, with whom I can discuss and who I can learn from. It’s also a platform, where I can present my knowledge, humor and personal highlights.

What does “add something better" mean to you personally?

I am currently widening my horizon and trying to remind myself regularly to not get stuck in my comfort zone. The more I become a person that I really like, the more good things are coming my way and the more good I can give to others. For me, it's a lot about altruism and openness, as well as a social intention that makes life better for everyone.

Can vulnerability connect us more? Definitely! We often think that vulnerability and weakness are the same thing, but they are actually opposites: If we dare to show ourselves vulnerable, then this has to do a lot with courage and it means that we understand a situation and intensively work on changing the status quo. It’s the same, when we ask for help! To ask for help, does not show weakness, but rather strength to transform a tough situation.

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