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Anna Weilberg

Anna is a Journalist and the co-founder of magazine

What makes it so special to work in a team of women? I am in the amazing position of not only working in a purely female team, but also with friends. That is exceptional in many ways. In a way it mixes even more of work and private life than it already does as an entrepreneur - and it’s not always so easy to keep the balance between friendship and business (you need to be careful that the business doesn’t take over and all you talk about is work). It’s very nice that we can be open with each other and saying “I have period pain, I’ll be in later” is a common thing for us to say. Though that should actually be an accepted excuse in any business context. What does Female Empowerment mean to you?

For me Female Empowerment means to say goodbye to gender cliches and actually work on achieving more equality – with regards to equal pay, respect, job promotions, parental leave and flexible working hours, as well as with regards to a fair distribution of care work, child care or other tasks in our private lives that were formerly regarded as “female”. It also means to speak up against discrimination and sexism for yourself and others, privately and publically. What does the claim "add something better" mean to you?

I hope that I can add something positive to the world through my work – even just a little bit – and that our online magazine inspires people to make the world a little better.

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