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Alexa von Heyden

Alexa is an author and journalist and owner of the beautiful Villa Peng

What does community mean to you?

For me it’s all about conversation and networking. Without my community, I simply couldn’t work the way that I do. Also I would completely lack inspiration. It’s community that gives me the feeling of being up to date and less isolated.

What does "add something better” mean to you personally?

I used to make a lot of my decisions spontaneously. Nowadays, I sleep on the important decisions and question if it’s really the BEST or just the FASTEST solution for a problem or challenge. If it’s not the best solution, I rather cancel or let it be.

What kind of sustainable decisions to you make on a regular basis?

My consumer-behaviour changed basically automatically since I moved to the countryside. I almost never buy fast fashion or dishes in plastic containers anymore and rather cook at home. Same applies to my coffee. I think didn’t have a coffee to go in three years. I think that makes quite a difference.

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