For our shoe collection we teamed up with Werner Schuhe. The german based shoe brand was founded in 1911 and stands for an ethical european production, vegetable tanned leather, a high quality fabrication and a super comfy fit. Werner Schuhe shares our philosophy of making things better.  

The supply chain is absolutely traceable. It begins with the organic cows from small family businesses from alpine countries. The leather is only tanned with herbal substances in southern Germany under IVN conditions. This gentle method offers a really unique look and feel.

Fair working conditions and highest social standards in Eastern Europe are the base of the manufacturing of Werner Schuhe 1911. Most of the production steps are handmade. So you may be certain that Werner Schuhe is serious about sustainability.

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For our bags we teamed up with Harold's who stands for sustainable bags with a timeless design and an exquisite craftmanship - since 1936. Together we create long-lasting Bags out of vegetable tanned leather. Manufactured in their own factory in Obertshausen, Germany.


The leather comes from Colombia, exclusive as a side product of food production. It's tanned only with herbal substances and got a gentle finish that the tough leather keeps its unique feel. Handmade with a lot of love. 

To make our bag perfect and to share our major message, there is the denim strap made out of recycled denim. Take your bag out and please spread the message ADD LOVE & SUSTAINABILITY

Our straps are made out of upcycled organic jeans – from old collections or seconds from our concept store. Manufactured in Hamburg - sewn at a local tailor's and printed at a small printing shop.

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We are a Hamburg based brand and our clothes are not only designed in Hamburg, they are also made in Hamburg. For our clothing line we teamed up with  a small tailor shop here and we are working together closely. While sourcing all of our fabrics and components on our own we are always looking out for the highest ecological standards.


Our self designed prints are all digitally printed on GOTS certified fabrics. All clothes are labelled with GOTS certified organic cotton labels. 

To make the most of our leftover fabrics we just started making masks out of it. Using all of our materials in the best possible way is super important to us - Just as important as always keeping our distances short and focusing on close partnerships with everyone who ist involved in our projects. 

In everything we do we are trying to work as ecologically and socially conscious as possible. That’s something we are constantly working on.