ADDITION is a sustainable women-led lifestyle brand for strong, independent, and conscious people.

We are sustainable, we always have been. 

We recognise gaps and needs. We live the zeitgeist. We develop ideas and sustainable concepts and recognise trends. We always think holistically. Our great understanding of design helps us to do this. ADDITION makes lifestyle products

with a message.


ADDITION was created because we want to make the fashion industry better. Only together can we change the world. We want to work with other brands, we want to cooperate and share skills. And we need you. Because together we are the best team. We are more than happy to do this together. It is a great privilege that we can be independent strong women who can do what we want and have you by our side.

Not only do we want to create something new together, we also want to give something back. We donate 3% of every sale to Femnet e.V.- an association that campaigns for women's rights in the global garment industry.


Let's do it together and never stop fighting.

Be the change.


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Wiebke Clef, one woman, one way.

She has been designing, producing and selling fair fashion for 16 years.

It all started after her fashion journalism studies with her own T-shirt label fairliebt, founded out of conviction and passion. Even back then, Wiebke was looking for a better alternative that the market was not yet offering, so she took things into her own hands and had the T-shirts produced herself according to her vision to fill exactly this gap.


Four years later, Wiebke opened the first sustainable concept store ‘glore’ in Hamburg, because she knew that sustainable fashion was the only right way for the future. With the store, she wanted to make it easier for everyone to access modern sustainable fashion and convince them of it. Since then, she has shown with her selected range that sustainable fashion and a trend-oriented lifestyle are not mutually exclusive. For the 10th anniversary of the store in 2020, their own products were to be created in cooperation with long-standing partners. This creation process was so satisfying that it quickly became clear that more had to come out of it.


ADDITION is the consistent further development of her career. She is convinced that only together can we bring about

a sustainable change in the fashion industry and that we must all take responsibility for our consumption. 

ADDITION is the better alternative.



For ADDITION, sustainability is not a trend, but part of our DNA. Our materials must be as ecological as possible and so must all production steps. Moreover, for us, ecological and social aspects cannot be separated. We could not decide which one we considered more important. Addition works as ecologically and fairly as possible, in all areas.


For ADDITION, it is essential to build and maintain long-term partnerships, to trust each other, to value each other and to work together for the same cause.



We can only achieve a major shift together. Cooperation instead of competition - we see a great opportunity for our message through diverse collaborations. Only together can we achieve our goal of improving the fashion industry. Every customer also contributes to a more sustainable world with their consumption behaviour.



We cultivate a responsible and respectful attitude towards all resources and all people involved in the creative process. We are not only responsible for ourselves and our actions, but also for future generations.



Love is our motivation. Nothing works without it. We love the things we do. 

Our message ‘ADD LOVE & SUSTAINABILITY’ unites our principles.



All our processes are transparent - why we decide what, why we produce where and why some things still need time, we tell you. We have no secrets.


ADDITION is about appreciation and value - we convey the unique ADDITION feeling through the high quality and design of the products.


For us, sustainability means quality, appreciation and longevity.


The textile industry is one of the dirtiest and fastest moving industries in the world. We want to change that. Workers must be paid better and fairer, and the environment and animals must be protected. Addition only works ecologically and fairly, because we could not decide what was more important, the consideration for the people who produce the clothes or the consideration for our environment. We value the appreciation of all those involved in production and the appreciation of our textiles.


We donate 3% of our sales to Femnet e.V. an association that campaigns for the rights of women in the global garment industry. Most workers in the textile industry are women and they work under socially unacceptable conditions. Not only do we want to do something against this with fair and good production, but also go one step further. With our donation, we help in the fight against these abuses. With your purchase at ADDITION you help us. On your receipt you will see what additional contribution you have made. Together we can change the fashion world.


Find out more about Femnet here.


With our message, we call for more conscious consumption. But it is also much more, it can be applied to every area of life and holds great ideas, stories and inspirations. That is why we created our ADD SOMETHING BETTER community.

It is all about personal exchange and sharing thoughts and tips on how we can make our lives better. Better can mean anything and something different for everyone. We can all learn so much from each other and inspire each other.

Above all, giving women a platform, creating a place that feels good for everyone, and women encouraging each other, that is our vision. Together for the good, sustainable, and better alternative, that is what ADDITION stands for.