ADDITION is a sustainable apparel brand offering essential, high-quality products for powerful, independent & conscious people.

Founded in 2020 by us, glore Karoviertel - a concept store for sustainable fashion,  ADDITION grew from our goal of completing our product range and of expressing ourselves through cuts, colours and patterns. Our aim is to work together, to cooperate and to share skills. Because together, we are the best team. 


ADDITION is a plus for our selection, a plus for your life.


So now it's your turn, add sustainable apparel to your wardrobe - ADD SOMETHING BETTER!


And please notice: we don't follow seasons. We create all time favourites and our stock is always limited.

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Also good to know: we're more than happy that we can do this ADDITION thing together. It is a major privilege that we are allowed to be independent and strong women who do whatever they want to do.


So we don't only want to create something new together, we also want to give something back. We donate 3% of each sale to Femnet e.V. - an association that fights for women's rights in the global clothing industry.


Let's do it together and never stop fighting. Be the change.