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Lea Rohe

Lea is a stylist, creative and yoga guide based in Düsseldorf.

Do you have an easy tip to live more sustainably?

Sustainability is a never ending journey and the easiest tip for me is to stay curious.

When I started asking questions and stayed curious, I began thinking about my wardrobe a lot more, explored second hand and flea markets as my first option to shop, or watched out for sustainable brands. There’s always new worlds to explore.

Curiosity helps to discover and develop new habits and live mentally flexible overall. It's all about starting with small changes, going new ways and adding things up after a while.

What does conscious consumption look like in your daily life?

My daily life in general is based on being my most aware self and care for this process. That being said, consumption does not only concern fashion or food but also how I manage online time, friends and family time as well as me-time. To feel the most conscious, I started building ‘mental islands’ like a short walk or just 3 deep breaths to be present again. And being present helps me to make more conscious decisions.

We care about adding something better. What do you add to your life to make it better?

To add a little more awareness to my daily life, I emotionally and mentally connect with my wardrobe. Getting dressed in the morning for me is a special act of consciousness. I pause for a second and choose wisely what I wear to either express myself and communicate my inner world to the outside.

Or - on other days - to calm my inner storms by choosing something cozy and calm in colour, fit and material. For this concept, I am using the hashtag #spiritualdresser on instagram because you literally are able to use your wardrobe to connect with others in revealing awareness and manifesting a spiritual practice on a daily basis.

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