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Marlene Weihrauch

Marlene is a purist, a storyteller and curious soul

If you have the room to store old clothes that you’re currently not wearing, do it. Go back and have a look at them, try to imbue some new life into them by bringing them to your seamstress. Even if my seamstress keeps telling me that simply buying something new would be cheaper.

When it comes to jewelry - I for instance made up this rule: no more fashion jewelry for me. When Christmas or my birthday comes around I wish for vintage jewelry. Some of the most unique pieces I own have a history. I like that.

And my favorite tip: I put used lemons inside my dish washer for a fresh smell - my mum thought me this.

What does conscious consumption look like in your daily life?

Besides bringing awareness to my buying habits. I really try to first have a look inside my sister’s or mum’s closet. I love digging up old items that they don’t wear anymore but are perfect for me. If I go on vacation or need something from a special occasion I also like borrow something from my friends closets.

Do not take the easy way. Stop looking at fast fashion online. And I know that’s hard sometimes. And we’ll keep doing it. But when I catch myself doing it, I try to start looking for sustainable alternatives.

Use the things you already got at home. Since one year I’m trying to get my bathroom storage empty. And when somethings is empty I try to make a sustainable choice, buy multi-use products, double check the ingredients list, products in glass bottles, products that can be refilled etc.

When I’m visiting my mum I always get back home packed: eggs from our hens, honey from the neighbor, flowers and vegetables from the garden. I’m not at that point yet where I’m baking my own bread. To be honest I’m just not into being in the kitchen at all. But I’m glad I can benefit from the smart women in my family. And sometimes I do have these do it yourself sparks inside me. So there’s hope.

We care about adding something better. What do you add to your life to make it better?

Self-reflection through writing.

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