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Sabine Reiter

Sabine is a stunning hair & make-up artist, style inspiration and self-love advocate from Vienna

Do you have an easy tip to live more sustainably? I always try to recycle my waste and compost organic waste. If you compost your organic waste you turn it into humus and humus brings back all the rich nutrition to the soil. I think one of the biggest impacts you can have is to decide to live a more vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, as we all know by now the meat production is one of the biggest emitters of CO2. other than that, i think it is very important to support green activism campaigns and inform yourself. I think the whole sustainability debate has to be pushed even more in our governments. I really loved the new movie from David Attenborough "A Life on our Planet" What does conscious consumption look like in your daily life? I love to buy from small brands and businesses. I try to buy locally and from small conscious brands. Especially when buying food. I love it to buy at zero waste groceries or at the small weekly farmers market across the street. The vegetables there taste so good and make me enjoy cooking even more. And I make sure to use up all the ingredients I buy and get creative with the leftovers. One of my favourite leftover recipes is chutney from all the leftover vegetables, in the book "Good Karma" by Karma Food you can find recipes like „the chutney chance“ and other other tips for a conscious lifestyle. And I loooove to buy vintage cloth, objects and interior. I’m always on the hunt for pieces that are special to me. Especially second hand - I love the stories behinde it. One of my favourite Vintage fashion shops is @renou_vintage . And at @studio_c_objects you can find beautiful interior gems. Half of the interior in our apartment is vintage or second hand. It makes our place so cozy and warm. Hier die links: We care about adding something better. What do you add to your life to make it better? Self love. It's the one thing you can always add to make your life better at any given moment. When we truly accept and love yourself we feel more confident, more connected to our body and we make better decisions which are aligned with the future we really desire. One of my favourite self love rituals is massaging my body with oil before and after the shower. (I have a big mirror in my bathroom so it's even more sensual and intimate to really connect with myself and my female energy) We can connect to our body through our own touch and send love and compassion to ourselves. I take time consciously and send healing energy to myself - to love my body, to feel my skin and embrace it. It grounds me and gives me a feeling of trust.

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