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Lana Wittig

Lana is the CEO of Edition F

What does community mean to you?

In my work for EDITION F community is at the core of all. We are a platform that grew with its community and we keep growing with it, especially when it comes to our content. We are constantly trying to offer our community insights and perspectives of bright minds, who help them in their personal and professional development. But also the feedback and criticism that we receive from our community, make us better as it challenges us to develop further. For me personally, family is not determined by blood relation, but through different kinds of human connection. In a way, my community and friends are also my family. This is a really beautiful and somewhat calming thought for my future.

What does “add something better" mean to you personally?

I am a perfectionist, which I honestly don’t always love, but it’s hard to change. This is why my thoughts always work in a certain way: Is this really good enough or could it be even better? Is that exhausting? Oh, yes! Does it help me become better? Also, yes. Is it always necessary to be better? Probably not. And yet, my motto is to question things again and again. This is how change and development happen in my life. Of course, nothing is ever perfect in the end.

How do you manage to build your own community?

In order to build a community in your job or privately, it needs to happen authentically. You want to connect to other people, hear their opinions and win their trust? This needs to develop from both sides. You need to show honest interest, listen to and acknowledge the needs of your community and see how you can help to fulfill them. Community means connection on eyesight or put simply: It’s a give and take. My advice for networking is: Be giving with your knowledge, your contacts, your time and attention and you will receive the same back.

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