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Christina Danetzky

Christina is a wellness and modern spirituality podcaster and blogger based in Vienna.

Do you have an easy tip to live more sustainably?

Educate yourself on what BPA (plastic) does to your body and hormones and you will no longer want to drink & eat out of plastic containers such as tupperware & throwaway bottles.

Invest in local farming co-operatives that farm according to regenerative principles and share in their harvest. It’s where I get my veggies from.

What does conscious consumption look like in your daily life?

Buying about 60% of my books, fashion & interior second hand but also allowing myself to induldge in something new every now & again. Fashion for me is very much a form of self expression & needs room to breathe. Fashion still deserves to be fun - even when it’s sustainable.

I think you can be capitalism-critical & still deserve to express yourself the way you see fit.

So I tend to make a case for imperfect activism à la: „We don't need a handful of people doing this perfectly, we need millions of people doing this imperfectly.“

We care about adding something better. What do you add to your life to make it better?

Connecting with nature & plants (herbs especially) on a regular basis

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