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Charlotte Hölter

Charlotte is a freelance writer, dog lover and minimalist from BerlinDo you have an easy tip to live more sustainably?

Do you have an easy tip to live more sustainably?

Recycle, exchange and buy less! There are many things you can buy second hand, borrow from friends or from neighbors. One friend recently lent me her waffle maker for our vacation, another lent me her Chanel bag for Fashion Week and our neighbor regularly lends us her ladder and drill. There are many things you don't have to own yourself.

What does conscious consumption look like in your daily life?

I pay attention to minimize waste and buy many of my clothes second hand. I buy organic food from our local farmer’s market and I try to make sure that I only eat in restaurants that care about the origin of their food. But it is always important to me that I don't lose any quality in life. Good food increases my quality, but I don't let it limit me. When I feel a craving for French fries with mayonnaise, I allow myself a portion without a guilty conscience. It's not about making everything perfect, but about finding standards that are compatible with your values and lifestyle.

We care about adding something better. What do you add to your life to make it better?

Friends, love and beautiful stuff. I love it when I feel enthusiasm for a dress, a piece of cake or a delicious pasta. I simply enjoy beautiful things and I always try to wear them around me.

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