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Anna Zlobenko

Anna is a fashion blogger, content creator and mom, based in Berlin.

Do you have an easy tip to live more sustainably?

I can only share what works for me and my family. What helps me to live more sustainably is to always trying to ask "do I really need it?" before purchasing something.

Also understanding what the things are that make you happy, like truly happy and stick to it. I just read a Wabi-Sabi book about the Japanese art of living a perfectly imperfect life and I decluttered half of my house after it. Best feeling ever.

It has also helped me come down to the core of cherishing the beauty. It's not about new, it's about truth and emotions. So this has helped my husband and me to purchase less.

What does conscious consumption look like in your daily life?

Conscious consumption is a journey. One shouldn't expect that we will all consume consciously in one day. I have started small - tote bags instead of plastic/paper bags for grocery shopping, bamboo tooth brushes, reusing wrapping paper for play purposes for my daughter.

I'm also currently transitioning to a soap hair shampoo, which means no jars. It's a small step, yet an important one to me personally.

We care about adding something better. What do you add to your life to make it better?

I'm adding more self-love and self-care. This adds lots of good vibes not only to me personally, but to my family as well. And I'm always adding something vintage! 🙂 Vintage clothes and vintage furniture too.

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